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GMC "NEW-LOOK" – MODEL T6H-5305 (Cont.)
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* The DSR #2600 and #2700 series — delivered in 1968

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Detroit D.S.R. (Department of Street Railways)
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Later in 1968, the DSR received another fleet of T6H-5305s, but this fleet would vary somewhat
from the #2600-series delivered in June.  One-hundred new buses (#2701-2800) began arriving
Sept 23, 1968, and at $29,506 apiece came equipped with a few extra safety features, including
heated step wells to prevent ice and slush build-up, and new "push away" rear exit doors
(a first
for Detroit)
.  GMC had also just changed the rubber moldings for the windshield, rear window,
doors, etc., from gray to black.  Coach #2705 is parked on the Kern Block during a DSR Preview
held from October 4–16, where the public could view the new coach for close-up inspection.
[photo courtesy of Tom's Trolleybus Pix-Detroit stuff, photo taken by Roberta Hill]
On July 1, 1974, Detroit's Department of Street Railways (DSR) became the Detroit Department
of Transportation
(D-DOT).  Shortly afterward, attempts were made to repaint a small number
of the older GMC "New-Looks" to resemble the new DDOT paint scheme of white with black
trimmed windows and green and yellow striping.  In this photo, former DSR coach #2208—a
GMC 1965 Model TDH-5303—can be seen sporting this short-lived DDOT livery.
[H.B.Craig, II photo courtesy of the Schramm Collection]
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The above photo, taken in October of 1971, shows coach #2791 south along Woodward Avenue
turning onto Jefferson Avenue while working the Mini-Loop #1 route in downtown Detroit.  The
#2700-series coaches were the last fleet of DSR buses purchased directly by the City of Detroit,
and the last bus fleet purchased during the 1960s.  The department's next fleet of coaches would
be purchased through the regional transit authority SEMTA in 1971.  
[Gerald Squier photo, courtesy of the James Husing Collection — see disclaimer below]
Between 1979-80, DDOT would begin sending its older coaches to the Blitz Corp. of Chicago to
undergo major rehabilitation work.  These buses were later identified by a
"R1" suffix number.
In this 1981 photo, rehabbed coach
#2787R1—a 1968 Model T6H-5305—can be seen sporting
a new paint job and bumpers while south along Woodward at Michigan
(passing Kennedy Sq.),
en route to St. John's Hospital on the far east side while working the Cadillac-Harper line.
[photo courtesy of the Clifford Kuhl collection, used by permission of Clifford Kuhl]
(Click-on photo to view larger image)
In the above photo from June 1981, rehabbed coach #2500R2 can also be seen sporting the
new DDOT livery.  Although numbered #2500, this coach actually belonged to the #2400-series
fleet of 100 GM TDH-5303s purchased in 1966, numbered #2401-2500.  The
"R2" suffix stood
for the second coach fleet rehabilitated by Blitz Corp. of Chicago in 1981.  The very first coaches
to be rehabbed were 72 TDH-5303s in 1979, which were later given the
"R1" suffix.
[photo courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson archive collection: Art Peterson photo]
Although the former Department of Street Railways (DSR) gave way to the Detroit Department
of Transportation
(D-DOT) in 1974, most of the GM "New-Looks" retained their former DSR
colors well into the 1980s.  Only a DDOT logo differentiated most coaches from the former DSR
era.  In this October 1981 photo, former DSR coach #2432—a GMC 1966 Model TDH-5303—is
seen here preparing to enter its post-DDOT years operating at Bay City's Bay Metro Transit.
[photo courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson archive collection: Art Peterson photo]
Another feature unique to the #2700-series "New-Looks" was the air-operated seat adjustment
control feature located on the operator's seat.  Unfortunately, many of the operators didn't like
the continuous up-and-down motion the seats would give.  These seats were eventually replaced.
The above photo of coach #2779 was taken by current SMART employee Stan Sycko at the
Highland Park Terminal back in October of 1968, shortly after the fleet was placed into service.  
[photo courtesy of the Stanley Sycko photo collection]
Shortly after DDOT accepted delivery of its new fleet of GMC RTS-II coaches beginning in May
of 1978,  the department began repainting a significant number of its buses—all patterned after
the RTS horizontal yellow and green stripe design.  Repainting of the fleet would continue well
into the mid-'80s when a number of its GM new-looks were rehabbed.  In the above 1980 photo,
former DSR coach #2314—a 1966 Model TDH-5303—can be seen sporting the new livery.
[photo courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson archive collection: Art Peterson photo]
(Click-on photo to view larger image)