Expanded service along Twelve Mile was later started by SEMTA on August 28, 1973, through a "purchase-of-service" agreement with the suburban Great Lakes Transit company, which was later acquired by SEMTA in April of 1974. The route would later become part of the SEMTA/SMART route #740 Twelve Mile, currently #740 Twelve Mile Crosstown.

D.S.R. Route #88
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Information for the above article compiled from numerous sources, including "Detroit's DSR, Part 3" — May–June 1993 edition of Motor Coach Age (MCA)
magazine by Jack E. Schramm. Additional information acquired from miscellaneous DSR Service Maps in the author's possession. Twelve Mile Road
schedule card, route map, and 1969 Twelve Mile transfer courtesy of the Stan Sycko collection.
Schedule card for DSR route #88 Twelve Mile
A DSR issued
Twelve Mile Road
5¢ transfer from
July 23, 1969.
The DSR's former Twelve Mile Road line was a relatively unknown suburban bus route that traveled 6-½ miles along East Twelve Mile Road, between South Macomb Community College (Twelve Mile at Bunert Road in the city of Warren) and the former Madison Heights Shopping Center on John R. in Madison Heights. Service on the line began on Monday, February 7, 1966. The Twelve Mile Road line was one of only two DSR bus routes to operate exclusively within the suburbs — the other being the #65 Middlebelt line.

Westbound Twelve Mile coaches would begin at the Twelve Mile–Bunert Road parking lot loading zone at South Macomb Community College and would display a "Madison Center" metal sign in the front windshield, while eastbound coaches would begin boarding from the loading zone at the J. L. Hudson Budget Store in the Madison Heights Shopping Center. The eastbound coaches would display a "Macomb College" metal sign. Initially, coaches on the line were assigned out of both the Highland Park and Shoemaker DSR Terminals.

Originally, the service was operated by two coaches that provided 30-minute headways, Monday thru Saturday, from 6:30am until 9:00pm. However, by 1969, service had been reduced to 60-minute headways being provided by one coach. But unfortunately, route #88 Twelve Mile never attracted the ridership and was consequently discontinued on July 27, 1970, during DSR service cutbacks.

In this August 28, 1973 photo, Great Lakes Transit Corp.
coach #2924 can be seen boarding passengers along
Twelve Mile Rd. near Gratiot, on the first day of restored
bus service co-sponsored by the regional SEMTA.
(Photo source: The Macomb Daily Newspaper)
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