"Detroit Transit History.info"
The following links will display various photos of the numerous
transit vehicles which at one time operated along the streets of
Detroit. (These photos are grouped by the decade purchased)
Photos of Birney safety-cars, Peter Witt streetcars, and the numerous
styles of miscellaneous buses purchased during the 1920's.

Photos of the original small-size Fords, and the front and rear engine
Ford Transit buses popular with the DSR during the 1930's. Also
featured, the Plymouth "Electric Coach" line trolley-coaches by Twin.

Photos featuring the DSR post-war gasoline powered buses purchased
during the 1940's, including the Whites, Macks, and Twins, and the
small-size Transit and Checker buses.  Also included, the first GM
diesels, the PCC's, and the Twin trackless trolley-coaches.

Photos of the St. Louis Car Co trackless trolley-coaches, and the GM
"old-looks" purchased during the 1950's.

Photo of the GM "new-looks" purchased during the 1960's. Also
included are the DSR Mini-buses, and the short-lived Flxible buses.

Photos of the last GMC "new-looks" under both the  DSR and DDOT,
and the DDOT fleet of RTS-II's purchased during the 1970's.

Photos of the GMC and MCI "Classics" and Neoplan articulated buses
purchased by DDOT during the 1980's.

Photos of the New-Flyers, NovaBUS RTS's, and other miscellaneous
buses purchased during the 1990's.

Photos of the NovaBUS RTS and New-Flyer "low-floor" buses
purchased during the 2000's.
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THE 2000's
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